Learning Space Design Specification


Educause has developed a Learning Space Rating System to help schools develop active learning classrooms.

The Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) project provides a set of measurable criteria to assess how well the design of classrooms support and enable active learning activities. Noting the success of several architectural programs to promote sustainable building design, the LSRS provides a scoring system to serve as an indicator of how well a classroom’s design serves the goal of active learning. The LSRS criteria form the basis for a rating system that will allow institutions to benchmark their environments against best practices within the higher education community.

The rating system provides guidance in these areas.

  • Integration with the campus context
  • The design and planning process
  • Support and operations
  • Environmental quality
  • Layout and furnishings
  • Tools and technology

For background information on the project see the article in the Journal of Learning Spaces: The Case for a Learning Space Performance Rating System.

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