New Adventures in the Northwest


Last week I moved from Minneapolis to the Pacific Northwest to start my new role at Trinity Lutheran College as Professor and Chair of Graphic Design & Visual Communication and Associate Dean of Learning Design & Technology. I am excited to be helping student learn design and to be working with the school to use design practices to create programs, courses, and learning environments where students thrive in their learning.

Trinity is a small school with history of bold, creative moves; in 2008 the school sold its campus and purchased a 5 story building in downtown Everett, WA, renovating it into beautiful learning spaces, offices, and a chapel. Rather than building and supporting a fitness center, Trinity partners with the nearby YMCA to provide fitness facilities. To help keep costs down, many faculty members have dual appointments as teachers and as administrators. As a small school, Trinity knows well the challenges facing many schools and has responded with creative solutions. I’m excited to be joining Trinity’s dynamic community, as we explore how to use design to improve learning for students at Trinity, you will hear about it here.

One Comment on “New Adventures in the Northwest”

  1. Murphy Pizza says:

    Congratulations, Ryan! This sounds really exciting.

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