Syllabus Redesign


Course syllabi are often policy documents describing course policies, assignment requirements, learning goals and the course schedule and often they look like legal documents, written in small type with dense paragraphs. I’ve been wondering recently if syllabi could be more student friendly. Since I teach in a visual communication program, it also seemed appropriate that my syllabi should demonstrate some understanding of the principles of graphic design.

This fall I redesigned the my syllabus template, trying to create a document that is nice to look at and easy to use. The syllabus is structured so the learning goals, student projects, grading scale and schedule are in the front of the document and the policy information at the end. Additionally, since syllabi are a primary document that represents the college, I worked to have the syllabi be on-brand, using the appropriate typefaces and logos. It’s still early in the term so I don’t have feedback yet from students on the documents but I’m excited to learn how well they work for them.

See the syllabi for two of my courses:

One Comment on “Syllabus Redesign”

  1. Dan says:

    Love it, Ryan! Those are beautiful syllabi.

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