Design Thinking for Education Webinar


Educause recently recently hosted a webinar on Design Thinking for Higher Education. Presenters Dr. Lennie Scott-Weber and Sean Corcorran are both leaders at Steelcase. In this presentation, they outline the phases of Design Thinking, discuss possible implications for using Design Thinking in higher education, and then show how Design Thinking was used to develop the Node chair. The presenters make good use of images and stories to show how the Node project developed and changed through phases of Design Thinking.

Designing Higher Ed

Designing Higher Ed is a space to explore how Human Centered Design practices can help leaders in colleges and universities better serve the needs of our students. Higher education is going through a period of significant change. New technologies, shifting student demographics, increased competition, changing legal regulations, and changing financial realities are just a few of the complex challenges we are navigating. How can we best respond to these changes, especially when no one person will have the all of the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to create the solutions that will bring higher education into the future?

Human Centered Design practices can help us to navigate these challenges by providing methods for us to understand the needs of our constituents and create innovative solutions that will help students learn. Design processes such as Design Thinking,  Backward Design, and User-Centered Design can bring together teams with diverse skills and talents to discover needs and to create solutions for the complex challenges facing our colleges and universities.

This site is a place to collect and share ideas on how we can lead Human Centered Design practices in colleges and universities to help us improve our important work in teaching and learning.